Will I see a whale?

Every whale watching cruise is a unique experience and whales are wild animals so there is no guarantee. We have a very high rate of finding Humpback Whales due to our experience and advanced knowledge of the local waters. There is also a chance that you could see Bottlenose Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Australian Humpback Dolphins, turtles, dugongs, sharks, seals and sea birds.

What is the whale immersive experience?

We have an in-water platform that allows our guests to enter the water with the whales. We believe this to be a safe option for our guests and is very whale friendly as it allows the whales to decide whether they come in for a look or not. This is a great value add to our tour as we do not charge anything extra for this experience. It will be opportunistic as it does depend on the weather and the whales themselves to come over.

Will I be able to touch a whale?

We are a responsible whale watching operator and don’t approach whales within 100m. The whales are able to come in closer if they wish and they are usually quite curious creatures. It is prohibited to touch a whale but if the opportunity is there you will be able to get very close to them.

What about sea sickness, will it be rough?

Our catamaran is designed to provide a stable ride and we don’t go out into open ocean waters but depending on the sea conditions you may experience motion sickness. If you think you may experience motion sickness there are medications that you can take prior to boarding. Please talk to your doctor or pharmacy for advice on which is right for you. In addition to this you can also eat ginger, sao biscuits and bananas to ease this feeling.

Is smoking permitted?

No, smoking is not permitted whilst on board.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card (Visa & MasterCard) as well as cash. You can book and pay for your tour or cruise online by clicking here.

Do you have sheltered seating areas?

Yes, we have a comfortable seating area shaded from the sun allowing you to rest while still taking in 180 degree views.

Is there Parking Available?

Yes, there is FREE all day parking available for guests.

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