Ben Southall visits Hervey Bay

Ben Southall, the “Best Job in the World” winner visits Hervey Bay for a whale watching trip on Blue Dolphin!

“Only ten minutes out of the marina and Robby, one of the local Hervey Bay tourism representatives, cries out “eleven o’clock guys…I’m sure I saw a spout!”…and sure enough there it was, the distinctive spray of a whale on the horizon. Pete turned our boat into the wind and waves and made for the disturbance on the horizon slowly but surely closing the gap between us and them.
As we approached it was clear to see there were two whales, one mother and one much smaller calf cruising south and as they did so the young beast, still a size-able 5 metres in length, broke the surface of the ocean with a series of breaches, tail slaps and launches into the air….all resulting in a mass of foam and spray, to the amusement of all on board! Cameras clicked, tape rolled and everybody ooo’d and ahhh’d delighted by the immediate success of the mission”

Read about his amazing experience with the whales on his blog here: