Fifteen Best Snaps of the Season

Being a Blue Dolphin crew member is no mean feat.

In addition to keeping everyone fed and watered and expertly balancing trays of cakes and fresh fruit in rocky conditions, the crew know a thing or two about Hervey Bay’s resident humpback whales. In fact, they know almost everything about the whales, including how to spot them, how to keep them interested – and how to photograph them.

Keen to capture the friendly whales on camera, the crew race around the boat with their DSLRs just like the guests! Whether the whales are mid-breach or simply gliding past the boat, whether the Bay is drenched in sunshine or shrouded in fog, whether the ocean is calm or serving up some chop, they have a knack for snapping spectacular pictures of the whales in action.

We’ve whittled thousands of photos down to just fifteen of what we think are our best shots. If you have a favourite photo from your Blue Dolphin trip, let us know on Instagram! Mention @bluedolphintour or tag #bluedolphintour and we’ll like or even share your best snaps!

The whales like to watch us as much as we enjoy watching them…
…whether they glance up from under the water (this isn’t quite what skipper Pete means when he tells guests to ‘mind their footing’)
…or pop up to have a good look
We like to welcome the whales with a friendly wave…
…sometimes they even wave back!
They like to swim right up to the boat…
…and sometimes even scrape it with their tails…
Or appear to float right above it!
Sometimes they’ll alert you to their presence with a splash or stream of bubbles…
Or take you completely by surprise!
They are masters in the art of synchronisation…
A double breach isn’t something you see every day!
Their dabbing skills are on point…
And they can even spray rainbows from their blowholes #rainblow
The whales are pulling out all the stops this season – which means the dolphins in the Bay have to go the extra mile to grab our attention!


Book onto Blue Dolphin this whale season for guaranteed sightings and close encounters with our famously friendly humpback whales!

All photos taken by Peter Lynch, Bec Baxter, Cassie Smith and Jenny MacLean 


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