Goodbye whales, hello adventure: Swapping breaches and tails for boom nets and sails

It happens every year but we still feel the sting of disappointment: Hervey Bay’s much loved humpback whales are heading back to their feeding grounds in Antarctica.

Their familiar arched backs and distant V-shaped blows are disappearing from the horizon as they migrate south for the summer, and while we’re sad to see them go, we completely understand – if we hadn’t eaten for four months and had an insatiable appetite for krill, we’d be hightailing it back to the cold Antarctic waters too!

Hervey Bay will play host to the humpbacks next July – but what if you fancy a boat trip in the meantime? What does Blue Dolphin do for the other eight months of the year? The good news is, the whales left us not only with beautiful memories but also the opportunity to resume our Fraser Island Eco-Sailing Adventure and Champagne Sunset Sail tours.


Fraser Island Eco-Sailing Adventure

As we sail into the warm summer months, the calm, clear waters around Hervey Bay and Fraser Island begin to look oh so tempting…and from 1st November 2017 Blue Dolphin offers a luxurious half day cruise where you have the opportunity to spend more time in the water than onboard! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just want to relax, we’ve got the perfect way for you to cool off under the glorious Queensland sun.

Wet and wild – Let the waves wash over you as you hitch a ride on our boom net! Watch dolphins race alongside you or simply soak up the views as we glide past the pristine beaches of the world’s largest sand island.

Aqua mat – If you’re feeling lazy, we’ve got you covered! Drift on the emerald water with our exclusive aqua mat. Bask in the sun, dip your toes in the ocean and marvel at the miles of untouched coastline.

Go for a swim – The water is so inviting this time of year and the shallow sand banks around Pelican Bank and UNESCO World Heritage listed Fraser Island make perfect, peaceful swimming spots.

Chill out in the shade – There’s plenty of seating in the shade on our award-winning vessel, so you can watch the action from the comfort of the boat. Keep an eye out for bottlenose dolphins, dugongs, turtles, seabirds and Indo-pacific humpback dolphins in our eco-friendly catamaran, which is proud to have the lowest carbon footprint.

We set sail from the marina at 8.30 every morning (courtesy pick-ups and drop-offs are available). Don’t forget your swimmers!