Whale Season 2018 so far…

We’re nearly halfway through the 2018 Hervey Bay Whale Season already and it’s been a phenomenal start – one we thought was worth sharing. Here are a few highlight pictures from our 2018 Whale season thus far. If you want to stay up to date and see some of our awesome videos remember to check in on our Youtube and Facebook.

July 14th – Blue Dolphin Marine Tours head out into the bay and straight into the season.

July 24th – We get our first glimpse of a Mum and calf duo and grab a sneaky video as our guests onboard relish at the moment.

July 26th – Blue Dolphin Marine Tours are treated to some amazing breaches.

July 27th – The Hervey Bay Whales are exceptionally playful as caught by our talented crew member Cassie.

July 30th – Some more amazing breaches and head lunges in our little patch of Hervey Bay

July 31st – Surprise Visit – Blue Dolphin Marine Tour guests are visited by a Southern Right Whale and her calf.

August 2nd – The Hervey Bay Whales are in a jumping kind of mood and our guests are treated to some spectacular breaches.

August 4th – The Whales get that little bit curious about us and once again our dedicated crew member Cassie snaps a few fantastic pictures.

August 5th – An all-time first. Blue Dolphin Marine Tour Guests and crew are treated to three different baleen whale encounters in one trip. Minke Whale, our Humpbacks and the Southern Right Whales.

August 8th – Great to see the Southern Right Whale mum and calf still playing in Hervey Bay waters. Their curiosity was piqued during this trip and they came right up to investigate.

August 9th – More fantastic displays by our Hervey Bay Whales.

August 10th – Aside from our exclusive Whale encounters we also attended the Plastic Ocean Lecture at the Uni. Waste reduction has always been part of the Blue Dolphin Marine Tours ethos and it was great to see so many in attendance and moved into action for caring about our oceans.

August 15th – Another great week behind us of fantastic trips, some highlights here from our other talented crew member Bec.

August 17th – More breaches and more Whale fun. The season so far has been fantastic and our guests have been delighted.

With Whale populations in our waters increasing by around 10% since last year we’re expecting the action to last well into November if you want a truly unique and eco-friendly whale watching experience, make sure you secure your berth before this standout season finishes.